AffiliBooster Review

Affilibooster Review

Increase affiliate conversions using this strategy…

Turn EVERY Image On Your Site Into A Commission Generating Shoppable Image!

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Launches December 11th @ 10am EST.


What Is Affilibooster?

AffiliBooster Review

Affilibooster lets you mark individual products in any image and link them using your affiliate link!

The process is super simple.  Use Canva or any other photo editing software create a image that shows several products.

Now upload that image into the Affilibooster WP plugin.  Simply click on the images and add your affiliate link then save it.  Last, add the image shortcode to any post/page or even use the “Ad Inserter” WP plugin to add to EVERY page of your website.

This plugin works great with YT Evolution sites too!


Shoppable images allow visitors to shop right from an image. The user simply places hotspots such as the pink dots above anywhere on the image and then adds links to those products. When a visitor clicks on a hotspot, they can buy that product.

You can choose from thousands of affiliate programs to use without any worries about API’s!

AffiliBooster does not require users to have an Amazon API or API from any other affiliate program. With the recent changes going on this is a huge benefit.

Affilibooster Pricing

Front End: AffiliBooster Plugin ($17-$27)

OTO1: AffiliBooster PRO ($37)
Allows you to automatically add affiliate products from Amazon and eBay.  This is a HUGE time saver!

OTO2: Developers License ($27 – 50% Commission)
Allows you to sell the sites they create and use it on clients sites.

OTO3: iMarketers Club ($4.95 trial or $149 per year)
Membership where members receive access to all my products. Renews at $27 per month

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