Digital Profit Machine Review

Digital Profit Machine Review

A powerful enterprise software + training combination to help you
find the perfect leads, the blueprint on selling those leads an extremely relevant service, and everything on how to fulfill that service…


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    What Is Digital Profit Machine?

    Digital Profit Machine is a powerful enterprise software + training combination to help you unlock a complete sector of opportunity in the local space.

    It checks off all the boxes to be successful (for less than $30) by using an incredibly powerful tool to find the PERFECT leads, the blueprint on selling those leads an extremely relevant service, and all of the nuts-and-bolts on how to fulfill that service. No stone is left unturned.

    Check the discounted launch pricing here…

    Digital Profit Machine Software RepFINDER

    digital profit machine software 

    With the way things have been due to the lock-downs over the past few months, being able to generate a new stream of income right now is a good thing especially if you’re able to offer an in-demand service that local businesses need that actually helps them out.

    Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte just released a brand new system for getting local leads for free and quickly turning those leads into $300 payments almost instantly.

    It’s called Digital Profit Machine, and inside you get access to software, training, and a simple service that businesses need and want right now.

    Why Consider Digital Profit Machine?

    Due to the pandemic, the last 120 days have been challenging for most local businesses and the key to success is to ZIG when everyone else ZAGS.

    That’s what Tom and Nick have been doing for years, and it works for them.  Because these guys are all about thinking outside the box and always put a huge focus on offering services that actually help local businesses, they’ve uncovered a HUGE WINNER…

    Reasons To Invest In Digital Profit Machine:

    • There’s no cold-calling or door knocking.
    • You get access to lead-finding software that will get you got leads for free with a few clicks of your mouse.
    • You don’t have to send anything in the mail to get clients with this.
    • You don’t have to send a bunch of emails, bug your friends and family, or trick anyone.
    • This method works perfect RIGHT NOW, but this is something you can permanently adopt that will make you money hand over fist for months and even years to come.
    • You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this.

    You’ll be able to bank $300 on demand and quickly scale-up to $10k per month or even $20k per month an beyond because this is something that local businesses actually need and it’s really easy to sell.

    This isn’t just some ‘good idea turned into a product.’ Tom and Nick have tested this and are currently using this to make thousands of dollars per week.

    What You Get Inside Digital Profit Machine

    Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside Digital Profit Machine:

    • Why businesses need your help right now!
    • The ‘new normal,’ what that means for you, and how you can leverage the changes to help businesses and get paid in the process.
    • How to profit from social distancing.
    • How to get local clients without cold calling or knocking doors.
    • The simple method for closing clients even if you’re not a good salesperson.
    • How to get everything setup so you start making money right out of the gates.
    • The exact service to offer local businesses RIGHT NOW.
    • How to quickly scale-up to a $10k to $20k per month local business.
    • And a lot more…

    IS digital profit machine for you?

    Although I could easily say that anyone looking to get high paying local clients should get Digital Profit Machine, if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following, you need to get this now:

    • You’re working really hard to find local clients and putting in some hours, but the money your making just doesn’t justify the time you’re spending – (Digital Profit Machine will show you how to get high fees with less work)
    • You’re looking for something that’s actually been battle tested and proven to work – (Tom and Nick are CURRENTLY using these methods to make thousands of dollars per week)
    • You’re tired of buying a course and finding out you’ve seen it all before – (This is something fresh and new that you have not seen before)
    • You’re looking for something that will set you apart and help you make money in our ‘new normal’ – (Things have changed in the world, and this method takes advantage of those changes to put money in your pocket AND help local businesses out in the process)

    When you see everything you’re getting and how little it will cost you to get in on this, you’re going to be blown away.

    digital profit machine Pricing

    FE: Digital Profit Machine Training + Software $27 first year then $49/year every year after to cover updates for software and training.

    OTO 1: Sales/Marketing Pack ($37)
    Marketing and sales power pack that’s loaded with Done-For-You material to help shortcut your success with the Front End product. Includes: 

    • Lead magnets
    • Reputation playbook
    • 3 autoresponder series
    • 4 blog posts
    • 3 scripts: email, cold calling, and voicemail
    • Bad review mailer + instructions
    • 4 social media graphics for lead magnet

    OTO 2: Local Social Sumo ($96)
    This is their best selling “Foot In The Door” course on how to land clients through Social media marketing. This offer is super congruent and value stacks the rest of the funnel. Includes custom theme, videos, and tons of DFY material.

    OTO 3: Shark Alliance $1/trial for 48 hours then $197/month

    Recommended only for those with a strong desire to build a huge local marketing business.

    • Monthly mentorship on building a 6 figure digital marketing agency.
    • Exclusive software
    • Weekly training
    • Done-for-you materials
    • And much more.

    digital profit machine Bonuses

    Pick up these amazing bonuses when you buy Digital Profit Machine through this page!  I hope you enjoyed my Digital Profit Machine review!

    Pick up the front-end offer and get these bonuses:

    • GEO Targeting Advertising with Facebook and Google ads.  4 HD videos to learn how to geo target using the most popular ads.
    • Lead Gen Video Series.  Learn how to collect leads and build your list in these 3 high quality videos.
    • Contractors DFY WP theme fully loaded with content.
    • Plumbers DFY WP theme fully loaded with content.
    • Electricians DFY WP theme fully loaded with content.

    These 3 WP themes come from my personal WP Affiliate Suite course.  Just install the All-In-One Migration WP plugin on a new site and import one of the themes.  They will overwrite any content currently on the website.

     Pick up OTO #2 or #3 and you’ll get this bonus: