Beginners Training For Warrior Plus Affiliates and “Wann-Be” Vendors With a Product of Your Own  



Headway is a $13 full member’s area video training course that offers insane value for anyone struggling to make regular, consistent money online using Warrior Plus.

The training is created and recorded by Trevor Carr and Jonas Lindgren, and is split into 3 modules.

Module 1 tackles the issue of a zero or low score on W+. This is often the first stumbling block as the affiliate can’t get approved because they have no sales and therefore can’t make any sales.

So you get two funnels with guaranteed approval to kick start your scores.

Funnel 1 is a $0.00 W+ offer with OTO’s at $1 each
Funnel 2 is $1.00 W+ offer with OTO’s at $1 each

You also get a review video, full bonus bundle, review page and bonus access for Funnel 1, so you are virtually guaranteed to get sales!  Full training is provided.

Then in Module 2 you learn about making money as an affiliate including case studies on “dead subscribers” who haven’t opened any emails for a year.

They also cover Google Ads training, demonstrating some pretty impressive results from a small spend.

Finally in Module 3, you will learn from start to finish on how to become a vendor on W+ and once again they give you the tools you need…a product, complete with OTO’s, editable sales pages and download pages.. all for just $13


Front End $12.95
OTO1 – Headway DFY solution $37
OTO2 – Headway Advanced $67
OTO3 – Headway Traffic $97
OTO4 – Headway Licence $97


#1 Guaranteed approval for my YT Supremacy course with 100% commissions lifetime on the FE offer!

#2 Guaranteed approval for my NEW upcoming massive launch Feb 3rd with 100% FE commissions lifetime!

#3 Find Your Niche – Includes 10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that’ll show you the tools, techniques and top tips to finally succeed and get results by choosing a profitable niche.

#4 High Ticket Sales Secrets – In this series of 10 videos, you’re going to learn the secrets of promoting and selling high-ticket items that can earn you hundreds or even thousands for just 1 sale.

#5 Affiliate Bonus Formula – In this video series, you’re going to learn a strategy that will multiply your conversions over and over again by offering bonuses to your customers.

#6 Traffic Secrets Unleashed – Traffic Secrets Unleashed is a short training that gets straight to the meat and potatoes and reveals 5 super-effective traffic sources that can’t fail at driving TRUCKLOADS of traffic to your business.

#7 Google Ranking Secrets – In this detailed guide, you will get 14 chapters or 142 pages of in-depth understanding on how to optimize, analyze, write content and rank in Google. The ultimate source for getting loads of organic traffic for free!


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