Keyword research with keyword atlas

Keyword Search Volume Doesn’t Matter Anymore!  The NEW Way To Do Keyword Research For Hot and Trending Search Terms In 2020

Keyword Research in 2020

For years, people would pay monthly (and still do) for keyword research services to find popular keywords to use for their marketing campaigns.  Little did they know that the most popular and trending keywords are right under their nose and it’s free to see what they are!

In 2020, it’s no longer about search volume, instead you need to be focusing on what keywords are “trending” and people are search for RIGHT NOW.

Keyword tools don’t give this “up-to-date” information.  Instead, you get delayed information that in this day and age could be outdated in just a matter of a couple weeks.

All search engines and even ecommerce sites understand this and even give you these HOT keywords for free.


Here’s how you can do keyword research for free and find the most popular keywords people are currently searching for.

  1. Go to Google, YouTube, Amazon, Etsy or any other search site.
  2. Start typing a keyword and write down the terms they show you.

That’s it.  

Let’s check how accurate and up-to-date results are on Google.  In the Google search example below, I searched for “how to make” and you can see the results.  Since the corona virus is starting in the U.S. and people have been emptying stores for hand sanitizer and toilet paper, we can see people are searching RIGHT NOW for how to make those types of products.

And look at Amazon.  All we have to do is type the letter “h” and they show us the same thing!

keyword research google
amazon search

The only thing you have to do is start copying all these keyword down and you’ll have a list of the most popular search terms.

For example.  Let’s say you sell hand sanitizer products.  You could go to Google and start searching for that keyword and find out EXACTLY what people are searching for right now when they want to buy that product.  Now use these keywords for your campaign.

Keyword Research


keyword atlas sourcesWriting down all those keywords can be very time consuming which is why I recommend using a keyword research tool called Keyword Atlas.

You can learn more about it at

Keyword Atlas uses 21 different sources to automatically collect these current and trending keywords.  You can sort, organize, and even filter to find the ones that best fit your campaign.

With Keyword Atlas, you can even search for “Related Search Terms” like those found on the bottom of search results page..

keyword atlas countryWith Keyword Atlas, you can quickly get a list of thousands of the most popular keywords from several countries, 21 different sources from search engines, to ecommerce sites, video sites like YouTube and more or even search in a different language to see those search terms.

You can even collect keyword search volume from Google, then import it into Keyword Atlas.  But it does even more than that.  

Once Keyword Atlas collects all the search terms, it then shows you a score so you can see overall which keywords are searched for most between all the sources you selected!


This is one of my favorite parts of Keyword Atlas.  It can help you to discover thousands of new keywords you never thought about.

Simply choose the “Ideas” button and enter a keyword with it’s plural form (if you want) and select from the left column which phrases you want it to search for.  It will then go to the selected sources and search those phrases and filling in the * with search terms found in the auto-complete each search engine.

For example.. I’ll do a search for “glove” and I’ll only select the phrase “how does a glove *”.  Now let’s see what keywords it gives us:

From selecting just 1 phrase, we got 365 keywords all based around questions!
  • Do you have a website on selling gloves?
  • Do you have a YouTube channel that sells gloves?
Here are 365 different posts/videos you could make based around these keywords to grow your exposure for your business and you can do this for ANY topic, niche, product or category in any language for most countries.


Dave Guindon is the product creator for Keyword Atlas and he keeps it well updated and maintained to work.

You can visit his website at: to learn more about this keyword research tool and your options for purchasing which is VERY cheap in my opinion.