Videly Review

Videly Review

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Use Videly To Rank Your Videos in Google and YouTube While Tracking Their Rankings!

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What Is Videly?

As a full time YouTube affiliate marketer, creator of YT Evolution, and the CEO of a YouTube ranking service, I can assure you it’s possible to rank videos in Google and YouTube without backlinks and embeds if you know how to do proper SEO.  The majority of videos I rank in YouTube and Google never see a backlink or embed.

In fact, if you purchase Videly from a link on this website, you’ll get access to my course on how to build an authority YouTube channel that will outrank your competitors.

Videly is a brand new video marketing suite to help you rank your videos in both Google and YouTube.  This web-based tool is loaded with features that will make any video marketer drool.

What makes Videly so powerful is that it was created and is maintained by a group of hardcore video marketers who do this for a living.  It’s not just a video ranking software they created to sell, but they use it for their own business for generating 6-7 figures every year!

In fact, I have purchased every video marketing software Vlad and Stoica (BlasterSuite) created to use for my own business as well.. but Videly is in a league of it’s own as you’ll see below.

Videly Features

Videly is more than just a tool that finds keywords you can rank.  In fact, it’s a suite of video tools that goes way beyond that. If you take your time to learn how Videly works, you’ll competition will wonder how you keep outranking them.

Here’s a few things Videly can do for you:

  • Reverse engineers Google and YouTube ranking system.
  • Finds untapped, buyer keywords that can easily be exploited.
  • Gets you ranked thanks to perfect SEO optimized titles, description, & tags.
  • Analyze all the top videos in your niche on YouTube (Pro version).
  • Track all your rankings in both Google and YouTube (Pro version).
  • Create detailed video SEO reports for yourself or clients (Agency version).

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What Makes Videly Different?

Since Videly was created by video marketers, they know exactly what it takes to get ranked.  They also know what kind of information you need at your fingertips without having to use multiple tools.

For example, when you perform a keyword research, you can choose what language and even choose the sources to obtain keywords such as YouTube, Google, Bing, Amazon, and others.

All this data is built into one easy to use web-based software that will take your video skills to a whole new level.

Videly Walk-Through

Let me show you exactly how Videly works from beginning to finish.

Step 1:  The first step is keyword research

Videly makes keyword research a breeze and gives you all the options you need.  Under the “Keyword Research” section, enter your main keyword, then under that, choose the sources you want to use to find keywords.  You can also choose any country!

Videly keyword research

You’ll notice in the image above that you get a load of data.  Starting near the top, you can see how popular the search term has been over the past year with the built-in Google Trends graph.  You also get an overall estimated monthly search volume on YouTube, estimated YT views per month, competition and total number of keywords.

In the “Keyword Suggestions List” box, you can filter keywords and view the breakdown by each keyword.  You can tick the boxes and copy the keywords, save them or even export.

Step 2:  Create Your Video Details

This part is super easy as Videly pretty much does all the work for you.  First, you enter your main keyword and optionally select a niche.

Next, select some relevant keywords for Videly to use when creating your YouTube video title, description, and tags then click “Generate”..

If you use the other Blaster Suite tools such as Mass Video Blaster or Live Event Blaster, you can even create custom templates and export all the data at once.

Videly Review

Step 3: Copy and Paste The Video Details

All of your video details including the video Title, description, and tags will be visible by clicking on each generated keyword in the list.  With Videly, you can further customize the details if you want using the “Edit” buttons.

Videly Review

Niche Analysis With Videly

The “Niche Analysis” option is available in the Videly Pro version and is HIGHLY recommended.  This feature gives you the ability to quickly see how easy or difficult it is to rank videos in YouTube.  By simply typing in a keyword, Videly will give you the overall stats on the top 10 videos and a breakdown of each one’s SEO score.

Videly video analysis

Videly Rank Tracker

I absolutely LOVE this YouTube rank tracking feature which is also available only in the Pro version.  If you don’t want to pay monthly fees for tracking your YouTube video rankings in both Google and YouTube, then you need this.

If you’ve wanted to know how to track YouTube videos in Google or how to track YouTube videos in YouTube, look no further.

Videly rank tracker gives you a full overview of all your video rankings, daily changes, and even the videos views, likes, and comments if you set the options for it.  Each keyword you track also has a place for adding notes for changes/updates you make so you can monitor the results.

The colorful graphs make this video rank tracking software even more appealing.

Videly Review

Videly Video Report

The “Video Report” feature in Videly is available in the Agency version.  This is an AMAZING tool for creating SEO video reports not just for clients, but for yourself too.

Just enter the video URL then the keyword you want it to rank for and Videly will create a customized report showing you all the stats on the video plus the SEO factors that can be updated to boost it’s rankings.

You can generate a PDF version of the full report.  Click here to view the PDF video report.

Tip: Pick out random business videos on YouTube to create video reports, then send this report and charge $50 to do all the updates for them!

video report videly

Videly Upsells and Pricing

Want to learn more about the Videly upsells, OTO’s and pricing?  Below are full details explaining what to expect during your checkout process.

Videly Standard

This is the front-end offer.  With this purchase, you get access to the Dashboard, Keyword Research and Video Details Modules.  If you only need to do research and create video SEO details, then this is all you need.

Videly Pro Version

This upsell gives you access to additional features including Niche Analysis and Rank Tracker.  Honestly, I can’t believe the video rank trackertool isn’t a monthly fee.  This is a no-brainer if you want to be able to analyze niches/keywords and be able to track all your videos rankings in Google and YouTube.

Videly Agency

This upsell lets you create SEO video reports for either yourself or your clients.  This is an amazing feature.  You can sell these reports on freelance sites, create random reports of videos and send to YouTube users, or your clients to gain more business.  Personally, I use them for my own videos to help me ensure they are as optimized as they possibly can be.

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How To Claim Your Videly Bonuses

After you purchase, send me your Clickbank receipt to  Within 24 hours, I’ll send you the link to register for my personal YouTube authority and ranking course.  Learn more about it at