Vidnami Review


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What is Vidnami


In this Vidnami review, I’m going to explain what this video creation tool is, how it works and much more.  Don’t forget to try it free or pick it up through their direct discount link for a 25% off Vidnami coupon.

If you’ve ever wanted to create a professional video in just a few minutes without having to use your own face or voice on camera? If so, you’re going to absolutely love Vidmani!

Vidnami is the new version of what used to be Content Samurai.  As of 5/14/2020, it is now officially Vidnami.  Basically, they rebranded under a new name.

Vidnami is the video marketers dream tool for creating high quality videos for promotions, leads, affiliate offers or for your clients.  It integrates with Storyblocks video and audio to give you instant access to hundreds of thousands of video and audio clips you can drop and drag into your project to create like the ones below.

The video below is one I used to promote that product a product on Clickbank.  I’ve earned numerous commissions from it. Here’s a screenshot.

Vidnami Review

Vidnami Video Examples

Here are a couple example videos I made using Vidnami.   The process is very simple.  All you do is paste in your script (or type it out).  Then Vidnami creates the slides based on the keywords in your script.  It will quickly search through thousands of media to create an amazing video you’ll be proud to add to your YouTube channel.

New Features of Vidnami

NEW Influencer Templates Added: These new Influencer Templates, allow you to upload a video you record on your phone or laptop, and then the system listens to your audio and AUTOMATICALLY transcribes what you say!

And it gets even better because you can also drop other clips over the top of your talking head clip to illustrate what you’re talking about.

These new Influencer Video Templates take Content Samurai to a whole new level, and the feedback we’ve been getting from users has been off the charts!

The new templates are perfect for:

  • Anyone who wants to become an Influencer online
  • Anyone who wants to create their own YouTube channel
  • Anyone who wants to create online courses

Go From Script To Video In Seconds.

With the push of a button Content Samurai reviews your script, cuts it up into professional slide layouts and formats your text. The bones of your video are formed in seconds.

Content Samurai analyses your script and intelligently suggests the perfect images or video clips for your video from a library of over 112 million.

Edit Your Entire Video With A Single Click.
Powered by cutting edge text and voice matching technology Content Samurai automatically edits your video from beginning to end with a single click. It’s video creation at the speed of thought.

Content Samura includes a variety of pre-made templates you can use.  Just add your script and it will convert the script into a full video with voice-over and background music.  Or customize it exactly how you want it.

Vidnami Review

14-Day Free Trial


How To Use Vidnami

Using Vidnami is very simple and gets better all the time.  Constant updates are being added to make it easier to use and enhance features.

Step #1:  Once logged into your Vidnami account, click on “Create a new video” button.  Or you can view, edit, clone, or download any previous videos you created.

vidnami dashboard

Step #2: Now you just need to choose the type of video you want to create.  Then you’ll see pre-made templates you can use or you can customize them to use specific fonts and colors.

Vidnami Review

Step #3: Moving on, you want to type out or paste in your video script.  Make sure it is properly punctuated.  Vidnami is very intelligent and will use the punctuation to make the automated audio sound more realistic. Of course, you will also have the option to add your own voice, or a professional voice-over if you prefer.

Vidnami Review

Step #4: Now you want to edit the scenes and make sure you like the media Vidnami picked out for you.  This is as simple as entering a keyword and choosing the media you want to use to replace.  You can also edit the text, add more slides and more.

Vidnami Review

Step #5: Now your video is ready, you can optionally add audio to it in a variety of ways.  You can choose to just use one of the thousands of background music choices if you don’t want audio or you can use the built-in audio to read your script which is pretty good.  

Or to make it sound really good, you can record your own voice right inside Vidnami or even upload a professional voiceover and it will sync the audio with the video script automatically.

add audio to vidnami

Step #6: Finally, you can preview your video in low resolution, make any additional changes, add music, watermarks, change scene timing and more.

Vidnami Review

That’s it!  Normally it only takes about 20 minutes to make a really good video if you already have your script prepared.  You’ll be amazed at the accuracy of the media it automatically chooses for your video as it’s creating it.  

Once you add audio and preview it, you’re ready to download and use your video for sales pages, product reviews, tutorials, educational or whatever your video needs are.

Vidnami Bonuses

Vidnami Review

When you buy Vidnami through a link on this page, I’ll give you FREE access to my YT Supremacy course that teaches how to build authority to your YouTube channel and rank videos!  

After you purchase Vidnami, just send me your receipt here: and I’ll forward you the link to register for free 🙂

Why the name change to Vidnami?

Content Samurai was a very long name that was hard to spell, and didn’t really sound like a video creation tool.

On the other hand, Vidnami is a short name that is easy to spell, and we believe it sounds much more like a modern video creation platform.

There were also other important reasons behind our choice of the name Vidnami. Firstly we were able to secure the domain name, and secondly we were able to secure a trademark for the name.

What does the name Vidnami mean?
The name Vidnami comes from combining the word “Video” and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to creating a positive wave of influence in the world.

What happens to all my Content Samurai videos?
We’ve automatically transferred all your Content Samurai videos into Vidnami so you can start using the new system today and pick up exactly where you left off.

How do I learn how to use Vidnami?

The help area has been completely overhauled and you now have access to brand new training videos that show you step-by-step how to create all the most important types of video you need to grow your business. To access the new training just click the ‘Help’ option in the top menu when you’re logged into your account.

Content Samurai To Vidnami

The team at Noble Samurai is saying goodbye to Content Samurai this week but it’s retirement is actually great news!

You see, they’ve just finished redesigning Content Samurai from the ground up, to create an all-new, easy to use video creation app they now call Vidnami.

And with the new name and new design comes a faster, easier way to create unique, professional videos for your business!

Click here to check out all the new features and discover just how easy it is to create stunning videos using Vidnami.

The all new Vidnami allows you to:

  • Create Viral Influencer Videos with automatic captions and professional stock footage!
  • Quickly transform your old blog posts into traffic generating videos for social media.
  • Create attention grabbing Facebook Ads with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Produce high-converting Video Sales Letters to transform more visitors into paying customers.
  • AND create stunning videos for your online courses faster than ever before!

Why did they change the name?

The Samurai team felt that Content Samurai was a long name that was hard to spell, and didn’t really sound like a video creation tool.

Vidnami on the other hand, is a short name that’s easy to spell, and it sounds much more like a modern video creation platform.

What does the name Vidnami mean?

The name Vidnami comes from combining the word “Video” and the Japanese word for wave “Nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to create a positive wave of influence in the world.

You see, Vidnami is all about sharing your message with a global audience and making a real difference.

14-Day Free Trial